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Kamagra 100mg Tabs
Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharmaceuticals
Content: Sildenafil Citrate
Brand: Sildenafil Citrate
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As there are variety of generic medicine available in the market to treat Erectile dysfunction. But different doctors suggest different- different medicine. This kamagra soft tab is used to get rid of impotence.Most of the man kamagra soft tabs to other generic drug as is quick reactive and show its results only in 20 minutes. It contain sub-lingual drug easily dissolves within seconds as kept on the tongue.This anti Erectile dysfunction drug gives you fast relief from impotence buy kamagra 100mg soft tabs is cheaper than from any local store. And we also provide attractive offer that attract users toward online pharmacy store.

Here at generic medical store we supply this drug in 1 pill packet contain 4 different color kamagra 100mg soft tabs. These kamagra pills are manufactured by Ajanta Pharmaceuticals(Maharashtra , India).We ship it directly from manufacturer that is why our service is so cheap and fast. We also provide extra discounted offer on online medicine purchase. See the complete detail below.

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As like other pills it don’t need water to take it .Put a kamagra soft tablet on your tongue and it will dissolves with in a second in mouth. Don’t chew, break or crush the tablet. kamagra soft tablet is quick dissolved and highly reactive drug to only take it with the prescription of doctor or a physician. Kamagra 100mg soft tablet will take maximum 20 minute to show it’s result So take it before 20 minute intend to having sex. Don’t completely depend on tablet use this drug only for sex stimulation. Don’t take it more than once in a day 1 pill in 25 hour is enough more than one pill in a day will make you addicted to it.


As like other generic medicines kamagra soft tablet also show some side effects on first time use for a short while.One first time use you feel some blurry vision, headache, back pain, nose flow like problems. Some time kamagra soft tablet also create some serious health issue if not taken according to doctor’s prescription. Overdose and more than one time use in a day of kamagra 100mg soft tablet will make you addicted to it. You should consult with a physician before use of this generic medicine.


Keep this kamagra soft tablet at some cool place, it is good to store kamagra soft tablet at room temperature ie store it at 15 - 30 temperatur. kamagra soft tablet comes in paper packet so keep it away from moisture. Light Contact with this tablet can makes it use less, keeps it away from lighty place. We suggest you to keep kamagra soft tablet in an airtight box. This drug is only for adult men So keep if away from children and women..


Kamagra is safe for used as a impotence treatment drug But one should need to follow some precautions before the use of this impotence treatment pill

  • Avoid driving after taking the kamagra soft tablet.
  • Drinking alcohol after taking the viagra will cause a serious health issue.
  • Don’t take any other drug with this medicine as kamagra soft tablet cause a low blood pressure.
  • Don’t increase the doses of has been prescribed to you.
  • Don’t use kamagra soft tablet more than once in 24 hours.
  • Regular use of kamagra soft tablet will make the consumer habitual to it.
  • Taking kamagra soft tablet without prescription will cause the health hazard. So First take prescription then only use the kamagra soft tablet.
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