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Silagra is a type of generic version of a branded drug called Viagra. It is one of the best impotence treatment drug. Silagra is most common generic medicine which ordered online by the customers it is more effective and quick treatment generic drug, which directly work on men sexual stimulation. To treat the impotence in men. Silagra contain the Sildenafil as the main drug, Sildenafil is the most common drug used to make the drug to treat symptoms of ED(Erectile Dysfunction). Siagra make your blood wine vein to make the blood flow easy , as more and easy blood flow toward the mail organ helps a man to get and maintain the erection for a long time. Silagra is safe and effective drug to treat the Erectile Dysfunction in men and it remain effective for a 6 hours long time.

At generic medical store our only motive is to provide you the best and fast service. And our Support team will try to give you the best solution here, We Supply 100mg Silagra pill manufacture by the best pharmaceutical and biotechnology company of India ie. “Cipla”. We Generic Medical Store directly manufacture the medicine directly from manufacturer country that's why our products are lower in rate but best in quality. Generic Medical Store also provide free express delivery option for order above 100$.

Read the full specification written below before the use of this Generic Viagra drug. If you have any question about the product or About anything other call to our toll free number : 1800-963-4330

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Silagra gives you unexpected results in treatment of Ed but firstly read the prescription to take it. We supply you 4 pills packets of 100mg each. Don't take more than 1 tab within 25 hour. Simply take tablet With water it is easily soluble in water and fastly dissolve in your blood. Don't break, crush or chew the pill to get the best result. Take silagra before one hour intend to having sex, This drug takes 35 - 40 minute to show its effect. Don’t increase the drug dose by your own firstly consult with the doctor and only after that increase the drug dose on their prescription.


This 100mg Silagra pill has no side effects if it take on the doctors prescription. Buy not proper use of it may show some undesirable side effects like headache, blur vision, upset stomach, facial flushing, vomit, shudders, dizziness, pain in joints, muscles and joints and more. Overdose of this generic drug may cause a serious injury to your health. Regular use of this drug can make you habitual of it. I you feel any Skin rashes, hives, seizures, breathlessness, severe dizziness, chest pain, coronary failures , after use of Silagra medicine contact the doctor near you as quickly as you can


Silagra does not live long if temperature around it is in extremes. Too much hotness or coldness shortens its life. Only a room temperature is appropriate for the drug. Do not refrigerate it. Silagra pills should be stored in an air tight container. Air passage is stopped by the container, which keeps the drug perfectly safe. Safeguard the drug from heat, light and moisture. Do not store it in kitchen and bathroom. Temperatures of these places are harmful for Silagra. Expired pills of Silagra should not be kept at home. They should be disposed. Keeping a clean surrounding around the drug is much important. Always store Silagra in a dark and cool place.


After taking the Silagra 100 mg pill avoid some things which is good for your health no to do. Follow the instructions and keep away from children

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